One Direction Will Earn $1 Billion on 2014 Tour

One Direction will reportedly earn an estimated $1 Billion between them in 2014 on their world tour.  Yes, you read that correctly.  One billion dollars.   The sum will reportedly come from the “Where we are” tour which is starting soon.   Couple the tour with album sales and merchandise and that’s where this sum was calculated.

I’m curious what the cut will be for Harry Styles.   Do you think these guys are gonna split the pot evenly?  I suppose it’s anyone’s guess.  But man oh man does this put things into perspective.   Now it’s not just business moguls who can become billionaires.  Musicians and actors are starting to crack the mold of using their star status to create long lasting and popular businesses.

Not sure how much One Direction has done this yet but they’re bound to at some point.

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