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Oprah Winfrey Launches National Empowerment Tour

You really need to give Oprah some credit. The woman came up from nothing to make herself a household name and a financial mastermind. Well, good news for fans of Oprah.  She is launching her national empowerment tour. What this essentially means is, you can pay to go see Oprah in person, like a concert. Only instead of singing you songs and interviewing celebrities, she is gonna teach you how to live the best life you can live. How about she teaches us how to make the money she makes?   Now that is a show I would go see.

The first stop of the Oprah Winfrey empowerment tour is Atlanta, and that will be in September. The idea of the tour is for fans to get a chance to go see her, and in some cases, even talk with the guru herself. The only problem being the show is a bit pricey. The low end seats are $99.00 dollars, and the high end tickets (with the chance to meet Oprah) are $999.00.

While we cannot pass judgement on this tour yet, because we know very little about it, we can tell you how other people are reacting. Some people see this as a cool opportunity for fans to get a live-action Oprah fix, while others are seeing it as little more than a quick cash grab for the powerful media mogul. We will tell you how we feel about it after it actually launches and we know what she talks about.

(Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

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