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The Original Star Wars Trio is Spotted in London



Well, it is happening. It really is. We are getting new Star Wars movies. I know that, in itself, is old news. But the rumors that have been spilling lately are that the movies will incorporate the original Star Wars trio. I am , of course, talking about Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford. Them all being seen together can really only mean one thing. They were getting dinner. No, I am kidding. Realistically the original Star Wars trio will be in the sequels. Do you even know how perfect this all is?

According to MTV, the original Star Wars trio have been seen in and around London this week. The new films are being shot, starting next month, at Pinewood studios in London. I am sorry, but there is very little chance they are hanging around London just to see Big Ben. Unless we are talking about the spirit of Big Ben Kenobi, then you are on to something.

Is it cool if I take a minute and geek out? You need to understand, those prequels were not very good. They sort of sullied the Star Wars movies for the older generation who grew up on it. This might just be the chance for this stellar series to get back to the place it once was. A mighty pedestal we all place it upon because it blew our minds. If this series could pull that feeling off, just one more time, I would be a very happy Jedi. The fact that these three are being spotted together bodes very well for the future of this franchise.

(Photo by Twitter)

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