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Orlando Bloom Hangs Out With French Beauty Nora Arnezeder

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Is Orlando Bloom moving on from ex-wife Miranda Kerr? One wouldn’t expect the handsome movie star to be on the bench for too long, but has he found a suitable woman already?

According to EOnline, Orlando arrived at The Roger Room bar in Los Angeles on his Ducati motorcycle this week with 24-year old French super-beauty Nora Arnezeder. Sources inside the bar said the two cozied up in an intimate corner of the bar, but were not outwardly showing any affection. However, despite no PDA, the two did head back to the Four Seasons together. Reports were inconclusive as to whether they stayed together.

Right now there’s nothing to get excited about as they’re saying they’re just “friends”. However, we’ve heard that story many times. Bloom is only 3-months split from ex-wife Miranda Kerr, but if you recall we did report Kerr was seen dating already. Hopefully, Bloom is back in the saddle.

Image via Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images

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