Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler Are Not Dating Despite Report

Stars of the Lord of the Rings Orlando Bloom, left

If you’re a ‘Lord of the Rings’ fan you probably jumped off of your seat when you saw this rumor. Two elves united in any would be a story book, magical love story. Unfortunately, it’s not true (and we really wanted it to be). Despite rumors by Star Magazine, Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler are not dating. There is no real life Legolas and Arwen love story. Sorry fans.

The tabloid reported that Bloom has quickly moved on from his split with Miranda Kerr by finding a “rekindled romance” with Liv Tyler. The two were reported to be together, romantically, in New York City recently. Specifically, the two were spotted together on November 24th when they attending the Broadway premiere of Waiting for Godot. Supposedly, the two were cozy during the play and carried it over to the after party.

Reps for both stars says they are not dating, they are just “dear friends”. Other reports denied Star’s account saying it was not Bloom and Tyler together at the after party. I’m still keeping my hopes up though….

Image via Ross Setford/Getty Images

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