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Oscar Pistorius is Being Charged with Premeditated Murder

Oscar Pistorius faces the most serious murder charge available under South African law after a court heard on Tuesday that he killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp while she was “unarmed, innocent and sitting in a toilet.”

Pistorius is likely to remain incarcerated until he faces trial, after prosecutor Gerrie Nel laid out the case against him regarding the tragic events of Steenkamp’s Valentine’s Day death, and chief magistrate Desmond Nair agreed that for the purposes of bail he should face a schedule 6 murder charge, which requires that the killing was premeditated.  Pistorius will now have to prove “exceptional circumstances” if he is to have any chance of earning bail.

This case is obviously becoming more grim each day that goes by.  As forensics continues to work in the home we are finding out more and more that this wasn’t simply a case of Pistorius making an “innocent” mistake and shooting what he thought was an intruder.

For whatever reasons (which we’ll probably never know) it is becoming more likely that Pistorius shot his girlfriend Reena following an argument.   What would propel Pistorius to actually murder his girlfriend is what is making this case so puzzling.  Some have mentioned steroids though that’s not at the center of the case just yet.

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