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The Oscars Pulled in a Record 43 Million Viewers

85th Annual Academy Awards - Fan Arrivals

So overall, what did you guys and gals think of the Oscars this year? I think from hosting to awards, it was a petty good show. Gravity flew away with so many awards, but it was good to see some films like 12 Years A Slave get some love, as well as (the frankly, amazing) Her. Regarding the viewing of the actual show, how many people did you watch it with? Believe it or not, you watched it with 43 million other people. I am not saying they were in the same room with you, but they were watching, too.

Yes, 43 million viewers. A number that high is almost impossible to wrap one’s mind around. How do you even fathom a number so massive? Well, in truth, you kind of can’t. That is almost 3 million viewers more than last year’s show, which is a nice climb in ratings for the massive awards show. So what counted for the growth? Well, one thing, a movie like Gravity definitely spoke to a larger (and younger) demographic then the usual Oscar fare, so we are sure that helped bring in some more teen and 20 something viewers. Also, Ellen DeGeneres only gets more and more popular as each year passes, so that factors in as well.

I also think when you have an Oscars with more widely appealing movies, you get a wider movie base who tunes in. There were more mass appeal movies this year, as well as young and cooler actors and actresses up for awards, which brings in more heads. Overall, it was a good show that pulled in some good ratings, and it was all the result of a good year for the movies.

See how it works?

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