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Outkast Announces a Tour of Over 40 Festivals

Outkast Signs New CD 'Idlewild' At Virgin Megastore

There was a time in the middle-to-late nineties when the rap group Outkast was on top of the world. It was right around the time Stankonia came out, and Ms. Jackson was killing it on public radio and MTV. Then, the band made one more record and just kind of vanished to everyone’s dismay. But good news for fans of Outkast, as they just announced they will be touring again in the next year, though in a very unconventional way. The way I see it, as long as we can see them alive again, everyone wins.

So what is setting these shows apart from a traditional concert? Well, Outkast are not actually going to be doing their own shows, but will be featured as a main act in as many as forty festival shows this Summer. It all kicks off with Outkast headlining Coachella this year in April, and then from there, they are doing festival shows all Summer. Heck, they are even headlining the Governor’s Ball this year in New York City. More details at Billboard.

So rejoice Outkast fans. We have not had an opportunity to see this band perform live in over a decade, and now, we have forty opportunities. To any Outkast fans, that is about the best news you can get on a Monday morning.

(Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

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