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Pam Anderson UN-Files for Divorce

Celebrities are known for their inability to stay married for long periods of time (many of them, anyway) and Pam Anderson is no exception to the rule. The Baywatch alum has a difficult time making decisions as far as her current marriage is concerned. Her second marriage to Rick Salomon has been a rocky one, and it seems that the actress has had another change of heart.

Their relationship has always been a very on-off kind of relationship. The pair was married several years ago for a few months before filing for divorce and going their separate ways. Last year, Anderson was on the Ellen DeGeneres show when she told the comedian than she and Salomon were best friends; with benefits. That was in October. In January, she married Salomon. Everything seemed wonderful in their marriage until Anderson decided to file for divorce in July.

As of August 21, however, the actress has filed more paperwork with the court to dismiss her motion for divorce. It appears she and Salomon would like to work on their marriage and have a go of it a second (third?) time. This news shouldn’t come as a big shock to anyone who reads the news, however. Only a week after filing for her second divorce from Salomon, Anderson was in Malibu with him holding hands on the beach and around the area.

Apparently their irreconcilable differences she quoted in her divorce filing are reconcilable. Anderson is most famous for her role in the hit television series “Baywatch” while Salomon is famous for making movies. Whether or not Pam Anderson will ever find happiness in her marriage remains a mystery, but the world is used to her quick changes of heart.

(Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Willis & Woy Sports Group)

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