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Paul McCartney Cancels Japan Tour Due to Illness

You need to understand, even the mighty fall down, sometimes. There is no one on this Earth impervious to getting sick, even super stars. I am , of course, speaking of Paul McCartney who recently had to cancel his Japanese tour due to some illness. He may have a ticket to ride, but he doesn’t plan on using it until he feels better. Though, like we said, this will affect the length of his Japanese tour, and has some fans upset, these things happen. The good part is the artists usually offer tickets for a later date to everyone who purchased tickets. So it is not like they are losing the chance to ever see Paul McCartney. They just have to have some patience about it. They say the former Beatles singer and bassist contracted a virus last week, but outside of that, details are slim. For now, the Japanese leg of his tour has been canceled, unfortunately. I planned on making about fifteen more Beatles puns in this article, but my mind in blank right now. Just one of those days. We will keep you posted on sir Paul McCartney’s health and when he plans on making up for the canceled Japanese shows. For now, we just hope he recovers quickly and gets back to 100%. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

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