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Paula Deen Lands a $75 Million Business Deal

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Wow. Wow is all I said when I heard this story yesterday.  Paula Deen lands a 75 million dollar business deal after the comments she made, just months ago? Sorry, I am just not feeling it.

So who bought her out? Of all things, BMG Music Services. Who is that, you ask? Remember in the nineties when you used to order “twelve CD’s for the price of one” from the back of magazines. THAT was BMG. You know, they do just ooze credibility. What they are looking to do here is to try to use the Paula Deen name to try to bring her working reputation up from her little misstep. In other words, they just bought her name. They can put out books, shows, magazines, and so on, using her image and name now. The thing is, who is the target market for her stuff? Who still wants to support someone who spouts ignorant drivel?

Well, apparently BMG does, and they are banking on the fact that some of you will, too. I sure hope we prove them wrong.

(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

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