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Pharrell Williams Reveals Cee Lo Green Originally Recorded Happy

Pharrell Williams hasn’t aged even a little bit in 20 years, and still churns out these number one songs that get stuck up in people’s minds for months at a time. From Blurred Lines to Get Lucky to now the track, Happy, it is impossible to think of pop music and not think of Pharrell Williams. Here is the thing about that song Happy everyone loves right now: It was originally recorded by Cee Lo Green.

As MTV points out, the powers that be did not want the song Happy for Cee Lo’s album, so they gave it to Pharrell Williams. Pharrell is quick to point out that Cee Lo’s version was actually superior. But he also states that the “powers that be” did not want that on Cee Lo’s album, so Pharrell ended up with it. Initially putting it in Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. Then he put it as the bonus track to the Japanese release of his album.

This got me thinking. As much as Pharrell Williams said Cee Lo was cool with it, the song is a cultural phenomenon and you know Cee Lo must be just a little ticked off about that. It was, after all, his song. Must be surreal seeing a song YOU were supposed to sing suddenly blowing up, world wide. They are friends, though, and have worked together many times. So me thinks maybe Cee Lo just cracked a smile and got on with life. You know, like a happy person would?

(Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

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