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Phil Jackson Finally Pops the Question to Long Time GF Jeannie Buss

Former LA Lakers coach Phil Jackson has finally popped the question to his longtime girlfriend Jeanie Buss after 12 years of dating but the real question is how this could affect the Zen Master’s possible coaching gig with the Brooklyn Nets.  Lakers source tells ESPN the engagement went down on Christmas day, but Jeanie, daughter of Lakers owner Jerry Buss, didn’t reveal the ring until yesterday on Twitter.

This also raises some other questions.  Considering how much Jackson and Jerry Buss hate each other, how is Buss going to feel about giving away his daughter?  How awesome will the dirty look Jackson gives Buss be during the ceremony?  How many NBA players will be at the wedding?

Will Phil Jackson be sitting on one of those high chairs next to his new bride?  We’ll look forward to the potential pictures.  Check out the ring picture at TMZ.

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