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Philip Seymour Hoffman Had Plans With Kids the Day of His Death

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies Of Alleged Drug Overdose

There is still shock around Hollywood after the untimely death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman this past weekend. The terribly sad story of his drug-overdose was released shortly after his death on Super Bowl Sunday. Tragically, Hoffman left behind three kids who he was suppose to see the day of his death.

A source told US Weekly that friends and family became concerned when Hoffman failed to show up to pick up his three kids from costume designer Mimi O’Donnell, his longtime partner. Reports indicate that Hoffman was suppose to watch the Super Bowl with his son, Cooper.

When he was noted as “uncharacteristically late”, a friend, playwright David Bar Katz, went over to his apartment in the West Village and found Hoffman laying on his bathroom floor with a needle in his arm. The legend-in-the-making actor checked into rehab in May, 2013 for 10-days after 23-years of sobriety. His friend said “he thought this chapter in his life was over”. Sadly it wasn’t, and the world lost another unique talent in Hollywood.

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