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Poet, Author Maya Angelou Dies at 86

Maya Angelou is so much more than just a poet. She was a mentor to Oprah, a voice made of light in a world of darkness, and a master of the word and language. Her words have resonated through decades for how strong and powerful they are. Heck, even I was hugely affected by I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, so it is with a very heavy poet’s heart that I deliver this news today. Poet and overall brilliant soul Maya Angelou has passed away at 86 years old. A loss that will undoubtedly be felt by many the world over.

The woman, best known for being one of the most celebrated poets in the world in the last century passed away in her home. Publicists say she had been suffering from some heart problems in the last year or so, and that was the cause. What we need to do now is to celebrate the life and voice of this amazing talent. She gave strength to many through her inspiring and courageous words, and she undoubtedly inspired a new generation of poets who will now bring beauty and prose into the world, and might not have ever believed they could do it had Maya Angelou not opened that door first.

There are volumes and volumes of her work out there, and I highly recommend you acclimate yourself with her voice, especially in this time of mourning. Safe to say she will live on through her legacy of thoughts and words that will carry and inspire future generations.

(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

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