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President Jimmy Carter is Psyched to See Beyonce Perform

President Jimmy Carter has arrived in D.C. for the Presidential Inauguration and #39 tells TMZ he’s super excited to be in the front row when Beyonce performs the National Anthem. The ex-Prez was walking through Reagan National Airport with his wife Rosalynn when we asked if he was looking forward to seeing Beyonce take the mic today after President Barack Obama is sworn in to his 2nd term in office.

“I really am … I’m looking forward to seeing it, “Carter told TMZ. He then cracked a smirk and quipped, “and also the President.”  I’m sorry but tell me this isn’t hilarious.  I just find it funny even picturing this dude bipping and bopping along when Beyonce shakes her hips on stage.

I really hope he didn’t forget his pair of “Oops I crapped my pants.”

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