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President Obama Did Not Approve of Ellen DeGeneres’ Selfie at Oscars

Okay, I know I may have thrown you off with the title, but I need to explain. Remember Ellen DeGeners‘ selfie at The Oscars? The one with all the stars crammed into it? The one that has been retwteeted more time than any other pic? Well, Guess what? The president went on her show to say he didn’t approve. The thing is, many sites are talking about it, but few are saying why. Well, we know why. Simple reasoning really.

She beat his retweet record. So Obama went on Ellen to plug his health care system, and decided to make a crack at her about the Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie that seems to be getting so much hype and attention. Should I point out that the pic is not hers? As we said last week, the pic legally belongs to Bradley Cooper, so maybe Barack should aim his jokes at the proper owner. Just saying, do your research, dude.

Obama called the Ellen DeGeneres selfie a “cheap stunt”, but again, to reiterate what other websites are not telling you, this is a joke. He was on the show, making a joke. Granted, he made a few others that bombed om the show, too, so maybe he needs to focus less on TV appearances and more on running the country.

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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