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A Primer for the 2014 Olivier Awards

For those who don’t know, The Olivier Awards are awards given for excellence in London live theater. They are given yearly, but because America does not focus as much on live theater, most people go through life without hearing about them. We thought we would take a few minutes to shine a light in this prestigious and respectable awards show. When you hear some of the names that are up for awards you will be pretty amazed with just who they have doing live theater in the U.K

The Olivier Awards are named after famous thespian, Lawrence Olivier, and as much as it may not get much hype here, in the U.K, this is THE awards show. Bringing together the greatest talent all for one night of admiring one another and showering each other with praise. The best actor award for The Olivier Awards has Jude Law pitted against the always charming Tom Hiddelston. Best actress honors (better be going to) Dame Judi Dench. There are dozens of other entries you can read here. Sadly, I fear listing them will do me little good, as many of them are more famous over seas than they are here.

It is still nice that we get to hear about the Olivier Awards. The fact of the matter is, some of the best actors and actresses alive hail from the U.K, and I m glad they have a night where they get the props they deserve. Acting is not easy, and acting live on a stage is the most impressive thing an actor and actress can do. The Olivier Awards stops to give credit where it is truly due.

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