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Prince Harry Literally Gets Dirty in Brazil

prince harry

He’s everyone’s favorite royal, always in the spotlight for getting a little over the top on his various adventures. However, despite his reputation as the party prince who makes waves and headlines for partying in Vegas, Miami and other major world cities, the Prince made headlines this week for getting down and dirty in a way that is anything but scandalous.

This week, Prince Harry got down on his hands and knees in the dirt of the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest’s village Cota 200 to plant trees. It appears his thumb is a bit green. The royal is in South America this week for a six-day tour of Chile and Brazil. The Prince arrived in Brasilia on Monday to begin his six-day journey through the South American countries as well as to take in the Cameroon vs. Brazil World Cup match while he was in town.

Aside from taking in the World Cup game, the Prince will visit local hospitals in both countries to speak with patients and doctors, tour facilities, and lend a helping hand where needed. His visit to Brazil also includes support of the UK and Brazilian relationship and an event to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.

Prince Harry departs Brazil on Friday and heads to Chile for three days. He will visit a local kindergarten class for underprivileged children, spend time with the locals, attend yet another birthday celebration in honor of his royal grandmother and he will visit with a local military unit.

Despite his reputation for being the bad boy of the royal family, Prince Harry’s antics make him feel like one of the guys. However, he never fails to stress the importance of charitable contribution while still managing to find time to have fun, relax and let loose while he travels. We imagine the people in the Brazilian rainforest won’t forget who came to help them plant new trees anytime soon.

(Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images)

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