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Prince William Hosts Star Filled Party at Windsor Castle

Being powerful must be a wonderful feeling. You can just throw massive galas and raise money for issues all while rubbing elbows with the finest and most powerful people in the entertainment industry. I say this because Prince William recently hosted a gala at Windsor Castle, and pretty much anyone who was anyone was there, eating good food and helping a good cause. The Duchess was not there, as they have decided that splitting their civil duties will give them the chance to cover more issues and such. In other words, it was Prince William and some of the finest women in Hollywood, just chilling. We are assuming his wife is not the jealous type.

The event Prince William hosted was for the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital. Though we are unsure right now what the event brought in, with over 200 high profile guests, one can assume quite a bit of cash was brought in for the wonderful cause. We do greatly admire when people of power use that power for good, and this seems a case of that. Though we may look in and see 200 of the world’s most famous rubbing elbows, that is not why they are there. They are there to raise money for research and development towards helping the Marsden Cancer Hospital contain and potentially one day cure Cancer.

Kudos to Prince William, who always seems willing to give a helpful hand to whatever cause he is needed for. It cannot be an easy life (as many pretend it would be) and we think he is a classy gent who deserves the title he has, and uses it perfectly to help the world.

It still would have been nice to be invited is all I am saying.

(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

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