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Rapper Chief Keef Sued for Child Support by a Middle Schooler

17-year-old rapper Chief Keef is already getting a head start on his baby mama drama.  In fact, he’s so far ahead of the game he allegedly impregnated a girl who’s still in middle school and now, she’s suing for child support. The girl filed the petition for child support in Chicago, claiming Keef,  real name Keith Cozart, fathered a baby daughter with her back in 2011.

The most likely scenario in which Keef would face a judge is if the girl’s parents press charges,  but if that hasn’t already happened, it probably won’t. The girl is suing Keef for an undisclosed amount of child support, including health insurance and other medical expenses. Calls to both Keef’s people and the girl’s family were not returned.

As it should come to no surprise for anyone, Keef isn’t exactly a model citizen.  He was just sentenced to 60 days in juvenile hall for violating probation on a gun charge.   Man oh man Keef.  Just once I’d like to see a responsible person out there.  Just once I’d like to report, “rapper Chief Keef sets up charity for underprivileged youth.”  Something, anything.  Then again, that wouldn’t be as interesting as this would it…..


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