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Rapper Fat Joe Doesn’t Like to Pay his Taxes

Does making millions of dollars really bother people that much?  I mean come on Fat Joe.   Yet another celebrity in a tax evasion mess, Fat Job is just another spoke on the wheel of deceit so many celebrities have spun over the years.   Put it this way.  Anyone who owes close to a million dollars in taxes should be unbelievably excited to pay it!

The 42-year-old rapper,  real name Joseph Cartagena, was accused of stiffing the federal government out of roughly $700k in income taxes for 2007 and 2008.  Joe,  who appeared in federal court in New Jersey this morning to enter the plea  was freed on a $250k bond. He’s scheduled to be sentenced in April and could get up to two years in prison.

Personally I think he should go to jail.  Let it be a lesson Be grateful for the money you earn.  Granted I like anyone else hates to pay taxes but like I said, if you’re earning that much money, paying taxes should be a joy.


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