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The Real Reason James Denton Left Hollywood

Mike the Plumber left Wisteria Lane in 2012 after the hit show Desperate Housewives ended its 8-year run of success, and James Denton never looked back. We all knew him and loved him in his role as Teri Hatcher’s love interest and husband, and mystery father and plumber and sort-of spy (he really did play a lot of characters playing that one character), but if you’ve wondered where he’s been the past two years, you’re about to have your answer.

Denton decided to leave Hollywood behind. He’s a dad and he wants to being a good one, and he’s a smart enough man to realize that being a good father is something you get one chance to do. The former house-husband is father to Malin, 9, and Sheppard, 11. He and his wife, Erin, made the decision to leave Los Angeles and move to Minnesota to be close to her family. However, they also purchased a second home in Montana where they go to escape from the day-to-day and spend quality time as a family.

“I wanted to get my kids out of L.A. So we moved to Minnesota right away. I’ve also got a house in rural Montana, which is our escape from Minnesota. Our main house is in Minneapolis, because my wife Erin’s family is there. And whenever we can, we head to the middle of nowhere in Montana; we live in a small town. It’s quiet and peaceful, ideal for really connecting with my family. It was definitely the right decision for us. I only have one chance to be a good dad to them,” he says of his decision to leave Hollywood.

The father of two goes on to say that he’s fully aware of the fact that his kids will not want him around forever, so he’s taking advantage of the fact that that’s exactly what they want at this stage in their lives.

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