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Real World Star Dustin Zito Arrested and Charged With Battery

Dustin Zito, a member of the 2011 ‘Real World: Las Vegas’ class, was arrested and charged with battery on Saturday night outside a bar in Lafayette, Louisiana. Zito, who currently appears on VH1‘s show ‘Couples Therapy’ with girlfriend Heather Marter (yes, the same Heather from the show), was also charged with resisting arrest. TMZ reported that the cops had to subdue Zito with pepper spray and that he is currently still in jail.

Apparently, Zito aggressively resisted arrest and the cops had to take him down. Zito faces two separate charges of battery and resisting, and will appear in court on July 16th.

Well, I guess it would be a good time to state that it’s a good thing Heather and Dustin are already in couples therapy.

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