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Reggie Bush is Getting Married

GREY GOOSE Lounge Series At Super Bowl

We all know we still think of Kim Kardashian when we think of Reggie Bush. Truth is, we think that was part of her plan. So do you think Reggie Bush will invite Kimye to his wedding? Wait, I am getting way ahead of myself. Reggie Bush just announced he marrying his girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan, whom he has been dating steadily since 2011.

I think the funny thing everyone keeps seeming to bring up is how close Reggie Bush’s bride actually looks to Kim Kardashian.  Same skin complexion and same nationalities (and similar figures). Many just looked at it like he was just getting a replacement. Thing is, if he proposed to her, hopefully that will shut the mouths of some of the naysayers. Their courtship was long enough, she has given him a child, and now he wants to make a wife out of her. Seems like love to me.

Best of luck to Reggie Bush and his wife. From what he have seen of statistics with marriages, they have about a six month window before reality sets in.  That and the whole “over 50% of marriages end in divorce.” But hey, we’re going to remain optimistic about all of this.  Best of luck in Detroit Reggie.  P.S. please let Kimye be at this wedding.  Please!

(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for GREY GOOSE)

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