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Remember Why You’re Not Working on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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It’s easy for many people to take today for granted. Wake up and get a day off, but why? Do you realize how much one man had to overcome to make today a reality? Do you realize how much one culture had to endure? It is Martin Luther King Jr day, and every single person needs to stop what they are doing for once second to observe this man who was more of a movement than just a man. Martin Luther King Jr envisioned a world of equality for all races. Though that movement may have cost him his life, it truly did not. The bullet that struck him down only went on to hammer his cause home and make the man more immortal than he would have ever been.

So take a moment today to remember why today exists. Martin Luther King Jr was a man brave enough to want change, and do whatever it took to foster that change. We can look at the world now and see he did so good at reaching his goal, but we all still have miles to go before we sleep. Many more obstacles and problems with race we need to address head on. But looking at the fact that we have a black President, can’t help but think none of this would be possible had Martin Luther King not had the perfect voice and the bravery to stand up and make it all happen.

So happy Martin Luther King Jr day. Just remember why we celebrate it.

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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