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Report: Jennifer Lawrence Was Relieved She Didn’t Win Another Oscar

86th Annual Academy Awards - Press Room

Nobody likes to lose…. except Jennifer Lawrence.  According to RadarOnline, Jennifer Lawrence was relieved she didn’t win another Oscar because she didn’t want to suffer the same backlash Anne Hathaway did when her star skyrocketed. Sources close to Lawrence said that she was really hoping she didn’t win for her role in American Hustle.

“Jennifer said she was so relieved she didn’t win because she didn’t want to go through what Anne Hathaway experienced,” the pal told Radar. “She’s very aware that the backlash is already coming anyway. And it wasn’t in a mean way, she was sort of joking because her and Anne are actually friends,” the source added. “But she just knew that if she won the Oscar again it’d be like a target on her back.”

Sounds kind of odd doesn’t it? Well, apparently people were all over Anne Hathaway after she co-hosted the Academy Awards in 2011 then took home the Oscar for her role in Les Miserables last year. Hathaway reportedly “took a beating” after her Oscar win, and had to take a break from the public eye and acting.

There’s no doubt that J. Law is the “IT” actress in Hollywood, but I guess that’s a bad thing? It’s like intentionally trying to strike out in baseball because you’re getting to many hits. That sounds about right.

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