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Rex Ryan Threatens to Change Tattoo If Sanchez Keeps Stinking it Up

Jets nightmare QB Mark Sanchez better clean up his act if he wants his jersey to stay on Rex Ryan’s arm, so says the head coach, who claimed he’ll ink a NEW number onto his infamous tattoo if Mark doesn’t start playing better. Rex was questioned about the tat during a news conference today and Rex joked, “Obviously, if Sanchez doesn’t play better, that number’s changing. That’s a given.”

So how long exactly does Sanchez have to keep sucking?  I mean it’s been 2 years of him basically playing like the worst quarterback in all of football.  What else does this guy have to do?  Take a dump on the field during a game?  I don’t know how else Sanchez can be any worse but perhaps the reality that his jersey number might come off his coaches arm is motivation enough to improve.

Maybe not.

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