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Rex Ryan’s Tattoo Answers Every Mark Sanchez Question Ever

I think all of the questions about why Rex Ryan continued to play Mark Sanchez despite him being what most would consider the worst quarterback in the entire league have been put to rest but this photo.  Yes, it’s true that Rex Ryan has a tattoo.   But what’s also true (and disturbing) is that Ryan has a tattoo on his arm featuring his wife with a Sanchez jersey.

Just writing that sentence nearly made me nauseous.  At the same time I’ve lost any respect possible I had for Rex Ryan.   I’m sure Ryan cares a great deal about that too.   Hey at least the dude isn’t slugging down cheese steaks anymore.   Call me crazy but I think Rex should get fat again.  100 bucks says the team will be better.

The problem is I’m pretty sure Ryan would rather be a celebrity.

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