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Rihanna and Chris Brown were Together at the Lakers Game

For the first time in years, Chris Brown and Rihanna arrived at a public event together sitting side-by-side at the Lakers vs. Knicks game at Staples Center. The two arrived to the arena in the same car earlier today, but got out of the vehicle separately. They eventually met up inside and sat down together in their courtside seats.

While the two haven’t officially announced that they’re together this public appearance sure makes it seem that way.   Look, I’m not one to get into morality or ethics here but there’s just something wrong with knowing that Rihanna still has affection for a guy that brutally hurt her both physically and emotionally.

The physical part alone should send a person running for the hills.   What kind of steps Brown has taken to make amends is something we might not know but we just hope Rihanna is seriously watching herself.

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