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Rihanna Says No to HBO Series ‘Girls’

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The HBO series ‘Girls‘ has a unique following that apparently doesn’t include Rihanna. The show, which is known for using great music for some of its best scenes, had an inkling to use some of Rihanna’s music in the second season. Music supervisor Manish Raval said the show was denied by Rihanna and forced to find alternatives.

In an interview with Radio.com, Raval revealed that the big party scene between Hannah and her roommate Elijah was originally set to the song ‘Talk That Talk’ by the pop star. It’s not a total loss, however. The scene introduced Icona Pop’s ‘I Love It’ to the masses – and still made for a pretty awesome scene.

There are no reports as to why Rihanna denied the show, but we find it relatively odd. Either way, it wasn’t a total loss. Icona Pop got some well-deserved publicity and the scene still got the job done.

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