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Rihanna Sued for Defamation

Rihanna spends just about as much time in court as she does on the beach. Unfortunately, some of that time in court was the disgusting incident with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Well, she’s not headed to the beach this time, she’s headed back to court because she’s being sued.

According to reports, Rihanna is being sued for defamation by her former head of security Geoffrey Keating. The suit was filed yesterday in Ireleand, where Keating lives. The basis for his suit is that Rihanna made untrue claims about him in a July 13, 2013 e-mail, and those remarks have hurt his reputation and business. Keating also claims that she defamed him in a phone call to his sister.

Interestingly enough, he’s not seeking any damages just correction. What Rihanna alleged about the former head of her security is unknown, but his lawyer has called the claims “nauseatingly offensive”. The case sounds like much ado about nothing, so don’t expect to hear much going forward about this case.

Let’s hope Rihanna can stay out of the court room for a little bit. The beach is fine, she doesn’t seem to get into too much trouble there.

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