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Ringo Starr to Reunite with Paul McCartney for Grammys Special

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Man, we keep hearing more and more about this Beatles hype from The Grammys this year, and we are getting excited. First, we were talking all about the Beatles themes after show a bunch of big named music acts were performing at. Now we have heard the real good news. Ringo Starr to reunite with Paul McCartney for the Grammys after show. So, in essence, this will be the closest we have come to the actual Beatles performing live together in years. Yes, we know it is only 50% of The Beatles. But we also know to look a gift Beatles in the mouth.

This will be the 50 year anniversary of the first time the Beatles took the Grammy stage. No matter who you are or what generation you are from, you would have to be dead inside to not realize how cool this is, and just what an event it will end up being. If I may be so brazen, I would like to make a prediction.  I say they HAVE to play With A Little Help From My Friends. I know everyone wants Hey Jude and Yesterday, but how about some feel-good music that sums up them being there?

The Grammys air January 27th on CBS. Make sure to tune in to see Ringo Starr reunite with Paul McCartney. This is the stuff legends are made of.

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)


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