Rita Ora Joins the Cast of 50 Shades of Grey

I will tell you, ever since the Fifty Shades of Grey movie was announced, one thing has been on my mind. The single thought that I think has been keeping most of us up at night, actually. Tossing and turning, wondering aloud “who will play Mia Grey? You know, Christian’s adopted sister? Well, thankfully, the news has been made, and I may be actually able to get some sleep tonight. Seems pop songstress Rita Ora got the high profile role.

USA TODAY has the details, but there really are none except what I already told you. British pop star Rita Ora has joined the Fifty Shades cast. While her name may not be immediately familiar to all of you, the best way I can describe her is Britain’s Rihanna, though a little less risque. The star couldn’t hold the news and tweeted it to her fans a few days ago, confirming she has the role. We really don’t know enough about the character to give our input, but we can honestly say she seems like a good fit because, well, why not?

One can’t help but wonder, Rita Ora or not, how close the film can stay to the source material, when the source material pushes so many boundaries as it.

(Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

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