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Rob Gronkowski Acting Badly on Stage in Las Vegas

Rob Gronkowski scared the New England Patriots fans last night when the superstar tight end body slammed his friend on stage at a Las Vegas nightclub landing hard on his broken forearm, and TMZ has the footage.

Gronkowski, who signed a $54 million six-year contract extension in June broke his forearm last season, then injured it again during the Pats’ first playoff game against the Texans. But that didn’t stop him from executing a Stone Cold Stunner-esque move on a friend during a playful dance battle at XS nightclub last night.

I mean we all know that Gronk is going to lead a nutty lifestyle.  And that lifestyle might carry him to the age of 30.  But at some point you kind of have to grow up no?  At some point all that talent might just not be enough.  Partying is one thing.   But body slamming friends in Vegas?  I’m sure even the dumbest of New England fans can agree that was not a wise decision.

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