Robin Roberts Comes Out and Does it with Grace

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As much as the world has advanced and progressed in the last half decade, it is still tough for gay celebrities to come out. The reality is, they never know how their bosses, friends, family, and the overall public will react to it. Well, maybe the world can take a cue from the Good Morning American anchor, Robin Roberts. When Robin Roberts comes out, she does it with class, grace, and elegance. Just a very honest and brave step for the anchor. Actually, for anyone, really.

Parade has more of the details, but we can fill you in. Robin Roberts comes out on, of all places, Facebook. But it was the way she did it that was commendable. She was writing up a thank you for the people who supported her while she was battling cancer, and decided she needed to thank her longtime partner in the post as well. She made no huge mention of it, just thanked her “girlfriend” along with many other people who helped her. But many are commending the way she did it. It was subtle and classy. She did not wave her hands, or ask for a soapbox. She just mentioned in passing, someone who was very important to her. It was not glitzy or glammy, but felt very down to Earth and genuine.

Other have taken the “Robin Roberts comes out” story as inspiration, and have began to come out as well, thanking the star on her Facebook for being so honest and brave. Listen, we don’t care who you love, as long as hey love you right. Sounds like that is just what Robin Roberts girlfriend did through her toughest times.

How can you NOT support that?

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

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