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Robin Thicke Admits Onstage He’s Lost Without Paula

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You know, we all mess up sometimes. It happens, we are human. Humans have flaws, and making love work is one of the hardest things we have to do as people. With that in mind, I am sure you have heard that Paul Patton filed for divorce from Robin Thicke. The rumor is that he was running rampant with some other ladies, and Paula was just not down with that. Well, Thicke hasn’t been too happy with himself or this choice, so he has chosen to make it known she is the girl for him and he doesn’t want anyone else. At a show the other night, Robin Thicke admits on stage he is lost without her. Well hey, maybe you shouldn’t have been going so crazy on the side, huh homie?

The reality is, there is nothing quite as intense as a woman scorned, and though he may think Robin Thicke is cool and romantic for declaring how lost he is without his wife, but the reality is, it just makes him seem even more flawed. Like, why weren’t you gushing on stage about your wife BEFORE she left you and you messed up? That is the problem with most guys, they turn into Romeo AFTER they get busted. Maybe if he was the Romeo to her before he got busted, she would care more. Truth is, all the public declarations in the world can’t erase one single act (or one thousand) that disrespects your lady.

(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

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