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Robin Thicke Issues Another Public Apology To Paula Patton at BET Awards

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It is tough losing someone you love. There is an emptiness left behind that is palpable, especially if you shared many years together. We all know Robin Thicke has been somewhat tortured by the fact that Paula Patton left him (even though various things he did caused that) and it seems the singer is still taking any chance he can to let her (and us) know how much he misses her. It is equal parts genuine and sad, but you gotta respect where he is coming from.

Robin Thicke played a new song at the B.E.T awards (off the aptly named Paula album) called Forever Love. Before belting it out, he said “I’d like to dedicate this song to my wife. I miss you, and I’m sorry.” He then went on to show the audience his heart and soul through music. It was a heart breaking ballad clearly aimed as an arrow to the heart of his ex, Paula Patton. While there is part of us who hopes he gets his message through, there are also part of us who know that he might need to tuck his tail between his legs and just accept that fact that he kinda messed up, and messing up has consequences.

Either way, it was a sensitive and genuine performance from a man who has a broken heart. Those do tend to make the best performances. Pain is always a better muse than joy.

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