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Robin Williams Sells L.A. Home for $869K

Do you want to live in Robin Williams old house? Do you have almost nine hundred thousand dollars lying around?  Then boy, you just found an article that was made for you. Seems the funny man is ditching his digs, and for under a million no less. The house is in L.A, so you will be surrounded by glitz and glam. And it’s Robin Williams so I am sure you will find a strange memento or two. Still interested?

For eight hundred and sixty nine thousand dollars, you can own Robin William’s home. Keep in mind it is not one of those crazy Hollywood homes you are used to. It actually looks like a (nicer) version of a house one of your friends would live in. I mean, it actually looks like a house and not some insane mansion that stretches out for miles and has guests houses. This sort of justifies the somewhat humble price tag. As most Hollywood homes go much, much higher than that.

I actually think the most shocking news in this is that all this time, Robin Williams has lived in a pretty humble house even though he is a huge superstar.   Actually we’re kidding.  Williams has one of those insane mansions.  This just happens to be another piece of property he owns.

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

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