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Roger Rabbit Star Bob Hoskins Dead at 71

Growing up, Who Framed Roger Rabbit was my favorite movie. Not just because of how Disney it was, but because of the surly but lovable performance of the lead, Bob Hoskins. Usually known for playing much surlier guys then he played in that film, his performance is just what made the movie so charming. Just one of the many, many films he made worth mentioning, it is with a heavy heart we announce that Bob Hoskins has passed away at 71 years old.

Sadly, it was two years ago that Bob Hoskins was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. This weekend, it was a fight he lost. Though it is easy to get hung up on the sadness of that, it is essential to remember he leaves behind a legacy of great films, a heck of a cockney accent, and he lived doing something he truly loved. How many people do you know that, in their final moments can say that they loved what they did and how they spent their life. Well, as sad as Bob’s death is, he is one of the people who could say that. 71 years old is still young in terms of life expectancy, but his life is one we are sure he is proud of. That, in itself, would be the greatest way to go out. Knowing you did what you were meant to to do.

Bob Hoskins is survived by four children and a wife who will undoubtedly carry his legacy even further.

(Photo by Donald Weber/Getty Images)

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