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Ron Howard to Direct a Beatles Documentary

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First things first, Ron Howard is a great director. He has so many amazing films under his belt like Cocoon, Apollo 13, and A Beautiful Mind, amongst many others.  Second up, The Beatles are a great band. Making music that still resonates with generations in the modern world, decades later. So to us it makes perfect sense they tapped Ron Howard to direct a Beatles documentary. Also, about time right? The best part is, Ron Howard has been a huge Beatles fan since he was just a kid.

The documentary will pretty much be the entire story. Following the Beatles from some nobody act people were barely paying any money to see in small, dingy clubs. To the massive act (one of the biggest most popular music acts in history). Being that Ron Howard and his production company have earned some respect in Hollywood, this also means the movie will have some archival footage and access to some Beatles songs and videos we have never seen before. In other words and to put it mildly, this is The Beatles documentary everyone has been waiting for. The film will focus on their live acts and how they climbed the ladder from nobodies to some of the biggest somebodies music has ever know.

It should also be said Ron Howard is a perfectionist, so expect nothing less than a remarkable end product when the documentary finally comes around. Just when that will be, we are not sure yet. Check back for more details about this news.

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