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Ryan Reynolds Skips After Party After Being Booed at Cannes Film Festival

"Captives" Premiere - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are clearly one of the hottest couples on the face of the earth. They looked absolutely smashing on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival last week. Unfortunately, it was all down hill after that.

According to reports, Reynolds’ new film The Captive premiered at Cannes last week to an absolutely disastrous screening. It was bad enough that Reynolds was booed throughout the screening. Reynolds and Lively opted to skip the after party and have a ‘late night snack’, which may in fact for code word for Reynolds was humiliated and wanted to sulk with his beautiful bride.

The 37-year old’s new movie was tabbed as “a ludicrous abduction thriller that finds a once-great filmmaker slipping into previously unentered realms of self-parody”. Reynolds’ attempt to step up a level in his career is failing and it appears as if he’s well-aware of it. Eyewitnesses said that Reynolds was noticeably on edge the entire night and seemed rather upset when he was spotted at 1 am with Lively dining.

The couple, however, were still affectionate and it appeared as if Lively was trying to cheer him up. Don’t feel bad for Reynolds and his terrible reviews. He’s in good shape with a beautiful wife and plenty of money!

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