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Sam Rockwell Is One of the Most Underrated Actors Out There

LAByrinth Theater Company Celebrity Charades 2013 Benefit Gala - Arrivals

If we had to pick one actor who does not get the props the deserves, it would be Sam Rockwell. The reality is, the guy makes NO bad films. Yet, when people talk about the IT actors, they never give Sam Rockwell any credit. Why is that? Tell me one movie where he didn’t steal the show? Heck, even Galaxy Quest, when he was surrounded by super stars and will still a relative unknown, he stole the show. So this is our bid for you all to give Sam Rockwell more love.

I am just saying, I write for a celebrity site every day, and talk about actors, actresses, and musicians who people look at as super stars. But there is just never any Sam Rockwell buzz. Think about the movie Moon. The movie he starred in completely by himself. How nuts was that? Or Seven Psychopaths? Next to Chris Walken, and Rockwell is still stealing the show.

Heck, I even wrote an article for another site about how Sam Rockwell should have been cast as the new Batman after I heard about Batfleck. Truth is, I think the underlying thing is Sam Rockwell doesn’t want to be one of those megastars. He just wants to do something he loves and is very good at: acting. Though he deserves accolades, it is apparent he is not one of those actors who seeks that out. He just wants to keep to himself, make good movies, and that’s about it.

But when you think about our celebrity obsessed society, doesn’t that make him even more of a superstar? Doesn’t that speak even louder about his depth of character? Yes, and frankly, whether he likes it or not, it only makes us like him even more.

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for LAByrinth Theater Company)

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