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San Francisco Giants’ Sergio Romo was Busted at the Airport

World Series hero Sergio Romo was handcuffed New Year’s Day at the Las Vegas airport after allegedly becoming belligerent with a TSA officer. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the San Francisco Giants pitcher was detained by cops because he couldn’t provide the proper ID to clear security.

Romo then got into it with a TSA agent becoming “angry and aggressive.” Cops then swooped in and cuffed him.  According to sources, Romo was under the influence.

Another athlete, another arrest.   More drinking.  More rude behavior.  What else is new?  What will happen to Romo?  Not a thing.  He’ll get on another airplane.  He’ll get into another fight.   And he’ll keep pitching.  And he’ll keep making millions of dollars.

When do I get to be in a fight at the airport?

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