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Scott Bakula to Star in NCIS Spinoff Set in New Orleans

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Listen, if you didn’t like the old Scott Bakula show, Quantum Leap, you and I can no longer be friends. Seriously, that show was boss. Dude could leap all around from person to person to fix their lives, and then he would leap out. What was there not to like? Ever since that show vanished, I have wondered when I would next get to spend some quality TV time with Scott Bakula ( sadly don’t watch Looking). Well, guess what? Scott Bakula is Bakula. That was low hanging fruit, but I feel good about it.

So you know how there are like 70 NCIS shows? Well, now there is going to be a new one. NCIS New Orleans, with Scott Bakula leading the charge. He will have the awesome name of Special Agent Pride, and undoubtedly, we will be as cool as a cucumber. There are two things there that really excite me. One, the setting. New Orleans is the perfect setting for some killer crime capers, and that will provide years of great storylines.

Next up, Scott Bakula will be the captain of that ship. Not a literal ship, mind you. I just said that because it made for a strong visual. Come on, I know you are all as excited about this as me.

(Photo by Rodrigo Vaz/FilmMagic)

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