Scott Foley Expecting Third Child


There’s been an abundance of baby news as of late, and there’s more to come.  Scott Foley, star of the hit series Scandal on ABC, and his wife are expecting their third child. The 42-year-old actor and his wife, Marika Dominczyk, made their announcement the trendy way; via social media. It’s how most people are announcing the pregnancies this time around, and it’s just as cute as ever. The star and his wife announced the impending arrival of their third child by posting a photo of his wife holding a frying pan. The caption on the photo reads, “My pregnant wife thought I might want this for my birthday. I’m not the one with bizarre cravings,” but this was not the first announcement of the couple’s pregnancy.

Two days before Foley posted the photo of his wife, she posted her own announcement on Twitter. She posted, “Sometimes you just gotta chill with your donkey. And your baby bump!” The pair has been married for more than 7 years, and they already have two children together. Their oldest daughter, Malina, is currently 4-and-a-half. Their soon-to-be middle child, Keller, is 2.

Foley is famous for his roles in some of the biggest shows around over the years, but he’s also famous for his previous marriage. Dominczyk is not his first wife. The actor was married for several years to another famous actress, Jennifer Garner, whom he co-starred alongside in the hit series Felicity. Garner talked about her marriage to her former husband a year ago in an interview with US magazine, telling the world that he’s a great guy but their marriage never stood a chance. He’s now happily married and expecting his third child with his second wife and Garner has been married for several years to Ben Affleck, with whom she also has three children of her own.

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