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Was Seth Meyers Able to Beat Jimmy Fallon in Late Night Ratings?

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Okay, so we know all eyes were on late night earlier this week, with many curious of Seth Meyers could beat Jimmy Fallon’s late night ratings. Before I tell you yes or know, I need to ask, why do people do stuff like this? Why do they put one friend against another friend and want to know “which one won?” It just seems a little counter productive to pit friends against one another to see who is better. I am totally kidding, by the way. Television is a business, and when it comes to business, it is all about the ratings. So was Seth Meyers able to beat Jimmy Fallon in Late Night ratings?

Well, in a word, yes.

Seth Meyers pulled in about 500,000 more people (via) which is actually pretty impressive for a first run. The question most are wondering now is if he will be able to keep that stride. I also think we need to give props here to Fallon. Fallon had a great first week, and was the lead-in for Seth’s show, so if Jimmy wasn’t doing it first. Seth wouldn’t be doing it at all. I think we need to remember that. I sort of look at these two like a combo deal now. You watch one, you watch the other.

So what did you guys think of Seth Meyers first show? I will say, he seemed pretty comfortable considering how nerve wrecking that must be. Also, his use of the “Thank you notes” bit from Fallon was a nice little nod to his predecessor and mentor. For now, we just need to stand back and let the late night magic happen. Who knows how either of these shows will be doing in a year, but for now, they are off to a smashing start.

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