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Seth Myers Admits He’s Nervous About Hosting the Emmys

Seth Myers is one of the funniest people on television, but even he gets nervous from time to time. With the Emmys quickly approaching, the host of the show is working on his jokes and trying to calm his nerves. The only thing he doesn’t need any help with is his tux, which he says he picked out all on his own thanks to his increasing sense of style. Though he did say there might be a wardrobe change or two between now and then.

“I’m a nerve junkie. I keep doing things that are nerve-inducing. When I did the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and the ESPYs, it was a little less stressful because I was the entertainer in a room not full of entertainers. With the Emmys, every face you see are people that have entertained you over the years. I hope I can at least repay the favor for the 15 minutes I’m up there,” he said when he was asked how he was feeling about the show.

He goes on to admit he’s a little star struck when it comes to people he’s never met before. However, the hilarious host has a way of dealing with that issue. He’s just going to act like the biggest celebrities at the show are excited to meet him and that will help prevent him from becoming star struck and saying anything dumb. Of course, his wife is nervous on his behalf.

“She is so supportive,” he says of his wife. “But she doesn’t want me to bomb because I’d know it and that would just ruin the after-party,” and we are willing to bet bombing his hosting duties isn’t going to happen. He’s been the host of far too many events to become too nervous to not be his naturally funny self.

(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Hulu)

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