Shelby Church: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Shelby Church

Shelby Church is a popular vlogger with her own channel on YouTube. She has a radiant and relatable personality which has helped attract subscribers to her videos. Shelby’s vlogs are about more than just teen beauty and fashion tips. Instead, she offers entertaining and informative vlogs on many topics. She is not your typical teen vlogger and that has led to her success.

Vlogging has become popular over the past decade. Millennials and younger kids rely on their smart phones, tablets and laptops for most of their information. They are not likely to be found leafing through a magazine for fashion and beauty advice and products. Vlogging is where they turn for information. Shelby began vlogging in 2009. She was just 14 years old when she started her public YouTube channel, teenmakeuptips.

She gained an instant following of teenage girls who could relate to her style and enjoyed her videos. Shelby gives “Do It Yourself” tips that are easy to do and are inexpensive. In the 7 years since her videos’ inception, Shelby has keenly developed her vlogs reflecting her maturity. Shelby Church continues to vlog about relevant topics that appeal to teenage girls and to young women. Her vlogs are about much more than fashion and makeup. Her appeal is in her personality, style and honesty. Shelby also provides excellent commentary and excellent ideas on everything from beauty tips to DIY ideas to travel hacks. She has been named one of the top vloggers. Shelby Church is an engaging vlogger who has a loyal fan base that just keeps growing.

Here are 10 things you may not know about Shelby Church.

She is a twin

Shelby is a twin. Her sister Monica is also a vlogger and the two have paired up for vlogs with themes like Twin Tuesday. Shelby and Monica were born on February 10, 1995. They were raised in Washington where they both started vlogging. Shelby’s YouTube channel is teenmakeuptips. Monica’s YouTube channel is hairdynamic. Both sisters have been successful in their vlogging adventure.

She has close to 1 million subscribers

Shelby Church reached 950,000 subscribers to her channel. She is one of the top fashion vloggers in the world. Her success is based on her relatability and valuable content. She knows what she is doing.

She knows what she’s doing

Shelby published one video on types of vloggers. She obviously knows what she is doing. In “Vloggers Then and Now” Shelby talks about (and demonstrates) what makes vlogging work and what does not. She She describes the expert video blogger and the boring ones. She places herself in the middle as a personal style vlogger. The video is funny.

Her DIY beauty tips

This is the topic that got Shelby into vlogging. In her vlogs, Shelby provides good beauty tips and easy and inexpensive hacks. She talks about caviar manicures, feather nails and brush holders. She discusses glowing and demonstrates current beauty processes.

Her DIY fashion tips

Shelby Church has made many fashion vlogs. She does not just showcase things that she bought as “haul” videos. She gives great advice on how to shop on a budget and shopping for school clothes, summer clothes and fun clothes. In one video, Shelby shows hot to make your own t-shirts using inspiration from Tumblr and Pinterest.

Useful Tips

Shelby does much more than provide fashion and beauty advice. Some other topics she has discussed in her videos includes healthy school and after school lunch ideas. Shelby discusses tips for making money in “7 Ways To Make Money On the Internet”. She discusses packing tips in “7 Travel Tips That Will Save You As You Vacation This Summer”.

Her travel vlogs

Shelby takes her audience with her on vacation. She recently published a video during a trip to Pensacola, Florida called “A Day In My Life”. The engaging video takes the viewer with her on an adventurous day on vacation. From her breakfast to walks on the beach, we follow Shelby on her adventure. The adventure includes dressing like a mermaid at her hotel pool, renting a double scooter car with a friend, and meeting up with fans at the hotel pool area.

She gets right to the point

Shelby does not put too much flourish into her videos. Instead she keeps them simple, informative and fun. She calls signature style “get into it”. She realizes that her fans do not need long, drawn out introductions. They like her information, simplicity and honesty.


In some of her vlogs Shelby discusses how as a teenager, she would manage routines. Whether getting ready for school or ready for bed, Shelby narrated and demonstrated tips on managing the routines as a busy teen. She and her sister Monica also teamed up for videos on managing routines with a sister in the home. They also discussed some of their little fights and how they got through them.


Shelby has many DIY videos on how to decorate. She gives exciting ideas on inexpensive yet fun ways to decorate your bedroom which every teen girl loves for inspiration to make her bedroom a reflection of herself. There is no end to the topics that Shelby discusses in her vlogs.

At a time when video blogging is a main source for teenagers and young adults, Shelby Church is a refreshing face in the medium. Shelby has maintained and increased her popularity throughout her productive career. Shelby’s personality and vlogging style is inviting. She keeps it simple and fun. She can make a following her on a trip to Starbucks and Target fun. The best part about Shelby Church’s YouTube channel teenmakeuptips is that it is so much more than that. In her videos, Shelby gives great practical advice on makeup, fashion and more. She offers tips and advice on a variety of topics that are interesting for teens. Shelby Church has created a successful and innovative program.

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