Shia LaBeouf Accused of Plagiarizing Comic Book Writer

"The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman" Premiere - Arrivals - 2013 Sundance Film Festival

You know, Shia LeBeouf is an interesting guy. Managed to break through the kid star hype and transcend into more mature roles with little effort. The problem is, every time the world starts to like and accept him, he does something to change that. In this case, we find Shia LeBeouf accused of plagiarizing a major comic book writer and artist. The worst part, he sort of has admitted to doing it, but only tried to write it off with an oooops. Here’s the thing. Plagiarizing is a lot more serious than just an oooops.

Are you familiar with the comic book work of Daniel Clowes? Well, you should be. A good deal of his work has been made into film. You may remember Ghost World with Thora Birch? Well, this is Shia LeBeouf accused of ripping off Clowes work for Shia’s new short film, Well, not so much accused as “caught doing”. The actor took to Twitter to try to apologize, but even that sounded forced. More on this sordid story over at NY Daily News.

This is a big problem in Hollywood. Maybe with Shia LeBeouf accused and caught, it will open the door for more confessions of guilt when it comes to originality in Hollywood.

For shame, Shia. For shame!

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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